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asian_movies's Journal

Asian Movies
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A community founded by bakasan to discuss current, past and future Asian film projects and DVDs.

Any topic related to the films themselves or the making of these films is welcomed. What is not accepted are:

  • Threads promoting the purchase/distribution of bootlegs and counterfeits. This includes but is not limited to: the trading of VCDs, the trading of DiVX files, the sale of unauthorized counterfeit dvds.

  • Please CLEARLY MARK any thread thay may contain movie spoilers, and even better, learn to use <lj-cut> tags.

  • Links to your eBay auctions. This is not an advertising forum.

  • Flaming and generally childish behavior. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Unless they don't like Jun Ji Hyun. Then I'm just going to have to ban you. ;)

Enjoy and play nice!